Is Marijuana a Cure for Anxiety?

Honestly, I think legitimizing drugs like marijuana is a bit weird.  Kinda pisses me off.  Please, if you are going to take pot, fine but don’t be telling me it is good for you.

On Facebook today, there  was a young gentleman saying he got his ‘card’ today – meaning he could get his marijuana legally.  This is Canada – it is getting all legal now.  He even said that he did not normally take it but wants to take it for his anxiety.  Saddens me. There are a million ways to handle it naturally. And if you try and tell me that marijuana is ‘natural’ I’ll punch you in the throat.  Yeah – natural – so is fucking Hemlock!(Conium maculatum)

I did a search on Google and in a few seconds came up with 10 studies that showed how taking a walk will lessen these symptoms of anxiety.  If a person is having problems he should at least try and find the source or cause if he or she really does want to handle it.  Occasionally, all a person really needs is a walk as whatever tenseness going on is a often just a result of work environment or a baby that has been up screaming or crying all night.

Here is one of the sites that I found: Take a Walk For Anxiety

The problem with pot is that it creates its own laziness.  I’ve seen it ruin too many lives.  Someone starts to think about stopping and all they have to do is suck on a joint and you kinda forget that it matters.

I know someone with anxiety might get a little pissed at me for saying they were lazy but you would think they were the only person in the world that every had problems at work or  had to raise children.

I hope it is OK but this is from Human’s of New York and I’ve copied it here:


If I ramble a bit, well, I’m Canadian so I’m sorry but it is my blog so…

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