Marijuana: Re-definition and Re-education

Pisses me off when people accept information at face value.  Never bothering to check the data for themselves.  Is it the education system(I think so…) or just plain laziness.  I had this teacher in ’69/’70 that I met about 15 years later – may have been a bit more.  We chatted about education and how the students were in the ’60s and early ’70s.  He said he would have given anything to have students like that again that didn’t take things at face value; students that would question things.  My sister is about 8 years younger that me and we started hanging out when she moved out of the house, to Toronto and was going to Ryerson.  I loved her – she drove other students and teachers nuts because, if a teacher would make a statement that didn’t sit right with her she would question it.  (I still love her btw.)  Other students would cringe almost every time the teacher would make an extra bold statement that had the shadow of doubt and a hint of challenge.

So, the other day a Facebook acquaintance was asking for advice for some illness and I told him to cut back on the pot I was floored when he told me he had never heard anything bad about marijuana.

What frightened me the most about this is that this ‘product’ has been redefined as ‘not a drug’!  So messed up.  Pot has been, to my understanding, redefined completely as ‘natural’.  Most young people that I speak to consider it this way.

My young friend smokes weed to help his anxiety.  Scary thing is that there are volumes of research indicating that pot exacerbates this condition.

Check your fucking facts!

When I stated that I had done a lot of research on marijuana and there was a lot of data to contradict his view he said that he did not want to know.  This is pretty much what I get from anyone that is in love with the drug.  Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure that most young people don’t even consider it drug anymore.

To me, that is pretty fucked up. Pardon my French.  Or not.

The thing that really ticks me off with this one is that he has a new baby.  Please don’t freakin’ smoke pot around a baby, child, teen – their brains are developing and there is tons more evidence that it can adversely affect growth of the brain.  Why the fuck wouldn’t someone check this out?

I’ve pretty much given up on people that do pot.  It is addictive – yeah, try and quit!  So, hopefully, I can persuade in my small way, a few young people not to start.

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