Are You a Victim of Depression?

OK – stop being a victim!  When I say this, you may think I mean don’t let people push you around.  Well, sort of….

What I’m more getting at is don’t let yourself feel like a victim.  Don’t let yourself feel like there is something wrong with you.  For example, you get depressed or anxious.  Who the fuck doesn’t.  Seriously, who the fuck doesn’t get depressed.

Once you have been hooked by the system, you are not going to really like me talking this way.  You may now agree that your depression or anxiety is bigger than you are; that it can have power over you.  I promise that you are much, much more than either of these things.  I could prove it to you but if you are convinced you may not want me to even try.

Once you have started a drug regime for eating disorders, depression or anxiety, it gets very tricky so go back.  One gets convinced by doctors and the like that these problems are so big that they’ll never go away and the only thing to do is take drugs to maintain some balance.  (They even try and convince one that there is a chemical imbalance, which have absolutely no basis of truth.)

I can assure you that you are bigger than any of these things.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not unsympathetic to someone having difficulties.  Life can be a pain in the ass and somewhat overwhelming sometimes.

I read a great article recently on Jon Rappoport’s Blog called: “The number-one mind-control program at US colleges”.  He talked about people agreeing to be so sensitive to ‘triggers’.  This has become so acceptable.  If I say something to someone that they find ‘offensive’ they may have to run off and do some drug to suppress these uncomfortable feelings.  We are all human; it is OK to have feelings, all sorts of different ones.  A friend leaves or a relative dies one doesn’t have to take a drug to handle it.  Be sad, then don’t be sad any more.  There are many ways to move on.  It is not always easy but necessary.

My observation, and this is not backed up by clinical studies or tests, is that drugs tend to stick someone in whatever they were trying to fix.  For example,  Someone has a loss.  They are prescribed a drug.  They take much longer or never come out of it.  And the side effects are generally much worse than the drug itself.  Even if there are no drugs involved, sometimes the sympathy is deadly.  You are telling the person that whatever is bothering them is going to ruin them for ever.  And this is so untrue.  Why is one person able to ‘rise above’ and another not.  Mostly, because they are not convinced that the depression, anxiety or whatever, is not them or bigger than they are.

It may take more than this but next time you are feeling anxious or depressed. Instead of dwelling on it go for a walk.  BUT – you are not allowed to think.  You have to force yourself to look at things. If you are in the city, then look at buildings, telephone poles, cars and whatever else.  And keep doing this until you feel bigger than whatever is or was bugging you.  It may take 10 minutes. It may take 2-3 hours.  Hopefully, it won’t take 2-3 hours but keep at it.

Oh yeah, and stop reading the fucking newspaper!

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