Is Your Child or Teen Depressed?

Well, take some fucking responsibility! 

How much TV do they watch?  How much TV do you watch.  How much sugar do they eat? How much sugar to you eat?  Do you fight with your husband/wife?  How much time do you spend with them? I’m not fucking taking about watching TV together. How many sit down family meals do you have a day? A Week?

How much time do they spend on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever?

Now, in addition to TV and all the rest as a form of ‘baby-sitting’ parents will resort to pharmaceuticals as they cannot tolerate the ‘noise’ of their children.  Mom comes home from a long, long day and is too tired to deal with the kids demands.  So, give them some Ritalin or Prozac or something similar.  Fuck!

Families have devolved over the last 50 – 60 years.  I would even really call what exists today in most cases a family. Mom and dad are never around and when they are they really aren’t.  The payments on the mortgage, cars et al are so much more important than kids and family. So, you say, “I’m doing this for my kids, my family!” Oh bullshit!  You are doing it to impress the neighbours or your boss or somebody.  Move into a smaller house, let the kids share a room.  The kids will do better.

And what are these drugs going to do to your children or teens?

This from The National Institute of Mental Health

“Recently, there has been some concern that the use of antidepressant medications themselves may induce suicidal behavior in youths.”

Bupropion (Wellbutrin) side effects: (taken from

“Anger, assaulting others, attacking others, being aggressive, seizures; seeing, hearing  or feeling things that are not there(nice way of saying hallucinations); having extreme distrust of people(nice way of saying ‘paranoid’); severe headaches; irregular hearbeats(are you kidding me!!);” 

Floxetine(Prozac): (again from

The side effects of Prozac could fill a book and much too lengthy and detailed to list here.  They include: ‘stopping of the heart’ and ‘thoughts of killing oneself’. Huh?  (That is called irony.)

How do you fix it?

It takes a little time and attention.  I used to advocate homeschooling(still do, really).  I think it is a tremendous thing if you can do it.  Way back when, mom used to stay at home.  She took care of the house, raised the kids.  Taught things like manners and some basic life skills.  Kids would generally learn from someone how to do stuff around the house.  Minimally from watching – mimicry is how babies learn.  Kids would learn how to do laundry, cook, dishes, balance a check book.  TV was just coming into its own as a baby sitter.  But my observation over the years watching friends and acquaintances raise their kids have shown me that the common denominator kids turning out to be decent adults is parents that spent time with their kids.  I’ve known kids in private school – away from home.  Mom and dad call them almost every day.  Find out concerns and sometimes just listen.  They are not just parking their kids. Public school parents that work with their kids on homework or spend time at the school.

All this helps people become competent.  Esteem comes from competence not freakin’ being giving a pass just because you exist.  Kids that have shitty esteem are going to often become depressed.  Years ago some psychobabble idiot decided that kids should be passed a grade even if they weren’t qualified to pass.  Fucking stupid.  You think the kid doesn’t know he or she didn’t pass?  Idiots all.  And this creeps into the family situation. Kid thinks you are fucking mean for asking him to take out the garbage or wash the dishes.  Self esteem comes from competence.  Competence comes from doing shit.  So, do some shit with your kids. Let them make some mistakes and learn.  Make sure they understand that making a mistake isn’t the fucking end of the world.  That is part of learning.

And guess what, when your kids have more self esteem, they are a whole lot less likely to get depressed.  Oh, and being on Facebook, Instagram or playing video games is NOT doing stuff!  It is about as far as you can get from doing stuff.

And that small child that is breaking things and being destructive. Dollars to donuts he or she just wants some fucking attention.  Not money. Attention.  Spend some time.  

Best way to teach a kid is ask him, “What do you want to learn today?”  (But you gotta start that one early.)   And how do you fix the wallowing kid that is depressed all the time? By degrees.  Spend the time.  And NO!!! fucking drugs.  And don’t listen to the psychobabble, listen to your kid!  Don’t talk, listen!

And cancel the fucking newspaper and stop watching the news on TV.  Altogether.  And the worst is the so called news on Facebook.  Block that shit.

If you are such a weanie that you don’t want to or won’t spend time with your kid, then, seriously, put him or her or it up for adoption. 

2 thoughts on “Is Your Child or Teen Depressed?

  1. Really enlightening. Coming from a young person, sometimes the most influential actions can be the most simple or unexpected. And if it’s “inconvenient” for you, then perhaps you should re-evaluate your priorities.


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