Why Am I Depressed?

I have some pretty moody friends on Facebook.  Some are more acquaintances.  Something that I’ve observed is that younger people tend to wear their emotions on Facebook and other social media more than the older generation.  I’m not positive but I tend to think that it is a combination of just being more emotional and that whole sharing thing that social networks have brought about.  (I do get kinda irritated at the victim, I’m a victim thing, though.)

So, this one friend – and I can’t tell her this shit or she just gets pissed off at me.  She will eat fast food and sodas – these things will really fuck with your metabolism and your moods.  It always staggers me that people don’t kind of observe that, they are doing something in their lives that is not working, well, Change It!

Diet has long been known to affect one’s emotions and moods.  Sugar and chemicals can fuck with your system.   And some foods create allergic reactions.  Some of these allergic reactions are just because you are eating shitty food and your body’s immune system is really screwed up.

A lot of the fast foods that you are eating are actually creating deficiencies.  Occasionally, even when you are eating well, the farming practices – mineral depletion in soils – over the last 80 years have made foods less nourishing.

In her 1965 book ‘Let’s Get Well’, Adelle Davis says regarding magnesium:

“Probably no other single deficiency is so responsible for the widespread use of tranquillizers.”

She has four referenced sources for this data.  Most young people that I talk to have never even heard of Adelle Davis.  To me that means they are not doing their research when something is wrong with their body.

Here is website that talks about some of the things that can manifest with a magnesium deficiency: Why am I depressed?

The pharmaceutical companies with their heavy marketing over the last 30-40 + years have convinced people in general that the only solution to any problem is the drugs they sell.  They have convinced whole populations that there is such a thing as a chemical imbalance in the brain – for which NO test exists.

Here is a good article on this from the Daily Mail in the UK: Anti Depressants

Stop complaining and observe what you are doing in life before you resort to drugs which usually have worse side effects that the thing you are trying to fix.

Here is a list of celebrities that have died as a result of or with the help from psychiatric drugs(this is by no means a complete list):

Heath Ledger

Robin Williams

Amy Winehouse

Adam Goldstein

Anna Nicole Smith

Whitney Houston

Michael Jackson

Mike Starr

Marilyn Monroe

Elvis Presley

Judy Garland

Bruce Lee

Margaux Hemingway

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Chris Cornell


So, take away from this what you will. But please, for fuck’s sake, do your own research before taking these destructive drugs.

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