Am I Really Depressed?

Well, Am I Depressed?

When someone tells me the first time that they are on some sort of psych meds for depression or anxiety or some such, my first reaction is ‘What the fuck?! Why?!”

Honestly, I really try and keep that reaction to myself.  Most people would likely take it too personally and end up taking another pill.  I guess I don’t really understand this readiness to immediately trust doctors to have your best interests at heart or even worse, trust the Pharmaceutical Industry’s advertising.  I mean ,they apply some of the most aggressive marketing but I’m pretty sure no-one ever really listens to the side effects listed at the end of these ads.

I believe that maybe this all goes back to our fucked up education system where students aren’t asked to actually evaluate if things are true or not.  The whole idea is to just to pass an exam.  That’s what teachers are paid for.  Not so much, “Can your student think?” 

There is no kind of “Hey, does what I”m telling you make sense?”  So, you graduate high school or college or if you are really messed up then you may be able to keep going through University – lord forbid!  So, you have answered all the questions that you have been given the answers to but still don’t know how to figure shit out.

If you are having some kind of trouble in life and you go to the doctor or psychologist or psychiatrist or any such fool, and they tell you to or suggest that you take some drug such as Ativan or Prozac or any other mind altering or mood altering drug, well, please, please PLEASE, ask some fucking questions before taking the drug!  (Not that I think you should take it all!)

Here are a couple of questions you could ask:

  1. Doc, do I have a fucking Ativan deficiency?
  2. How do you know I have a chemical imbalance by just asking me a few  questions?  How do you know that I don’t have a fucking brain tumour?

Remember if you are listening to these idiots they are prescribing drugs that are more dangerous than cocaine or heroin.  Oh yeah, if you don’t believe me read this – they actually have statistics – the article link is below the quote:

“Psychiatric drugs killing more users than heroin, cocaine, say health experts.” from Vancouver Sun: 

Article here: Psychiatric Killers

Then walk out of his or her office and do this:


I mean, find out for yourself!  You can be lazy and create more problems for yourself or you can look and see what is what.  BUT, to do proper research you really have to know how to evaluate information.  That comes with a bit of practice.  It is not that difficult but like anything, you have to start.

Read something then ask yourself if it is true.  Like for you.  Does it work?  Is it real?  Compare it to other things.  OK, ok, I’ll give you an example!

Adelle Davis wrote a number of nutritional books back in the early 60s.  If you are interested in physical and mental health at all, you should dig up at least one of her books and have it handy for reference.  She stated back then the importance of magnesium for handling mental problems.  BUT if you want a more recent reference and one that is more mainstream you can check out this article in Psychology Today:

Article Here:  You likely have a magnesium deficiency not a fucking Prozac

But, even then, make sure that it works for you!  If you are having a bit of depression(or a lot) and you start taking magnesium and you are taking enough and all that, and you start getting worse, well….

Another example is the ‘Fat Free’ bullshit.  I know more people that eat fat free stuff and diet sodas and shit like that and get worse and worse and worse(by that I mean fatter and fatter and fatter).  Come on!!  Figure some shit out, fer fuck’s sake.  If it ain’t workin’, change something!!

You are responsible for you.  You can find people that will help but make sure it is help.  But please observe to see if something is actually making things better and no just hiding symptoms.

So, my advice for today: Go forth and research.

2 thoughts on “Am I Really Depressed?

  1. Love it. Seriously. All it takes is is looking up a word or two of some of the ingredients that are in these pills to see the absolutely havoc it wreaks on people.


  2. Psychiatry is one of the only “sciences” that doesn’t deal with causes. It only treats symptoms.

    When someone’s depressed, there is a reason. People don’t just suddenly feel depressed. There is ALWAYS a reason. Giving them a drug does nothing to address the cause of that depression.

    For example, a wife is depressed because her husband is abusing her. She tells her doctor that she is depressed and he prescribes her Paxil/Wellbutrin/etc.. yet… shes still getting abused. I’ve talked with many people who are on some sort of antidepressant and NONE of them have had the cause of their depression addressed.

    If we applied the same insane rationality to the medical sciences, a person could come into the emergency room with a life threatening wound on their leg and a psychiatrist would PAINT the leg so it looked undamaged. Then he would say, “Don’t you feel good about how your leg looks?” Psychiatry doesn’t treat causes, it treats symptoms. Which is profoundly ineffective.

    What are effective combatants to depression? Eating well, not watching 10 hours of TV, taking a walk, getting out of an abusive relationship (see above)…. ANYTHING is better at helping depression than the antidepressants prescribed in such volume.

    Further, antidepressants, are less effective than placebos in clinical trials.


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