You Can Control Depression!

You can control your thoughts.  But not on drugs.

How come some people think they can’t train the brain?  You work out right?  First time you worked out, it was hard. The next day your muscles hurt.  If you were trying to do push-ups or to run a certain distance, likely the first time out you were not able to do you ultimate goal.

Anyone that has gotten in shape from not being in shape whether easy or late in life knows that it takes time.  You build up the muscles gradually.

You ever learned a new skill?  Try touch typing 80 words a minute first time out with no mistakes.  Not going to happen.

“Hey Doc, I tried typing and can’t get it; do you have a drug I can take to help me?”  What the fuck would you think if I went to the doctor with that question?  Most people frown on others that take steroids for muscle enhancement but they’ll run to the doctor or psychiatrist for some drug to alter their brain chemistry.

First of all, these guys(psychiatrists and doctors) don’t know shit, OK?

Secondly, you can train your brain.  But not on drugs.  Try driving stoned or drunk.  You may think you are doing OK but if someone videoed the event, well, if you don’t already know, you would find out that you are full of shit.

So, how do you train your brain.  I don’t have all the answers but there are some really simple things.  And remember!! You may not get it right or perfect the first time or second time. That doesn’t mean it is not working.  Generally, if you practice at something you will get better.

If you don’t want to improve and would rather stay stoned then stop fucking reading this.  If all you want is sympathy and pity then keep on banging your head against the wall.

The thoughts that are messing with you are in your head.  Get out of your head!   Look around. Take a walk and look at shit.  Don’t take a walk to ‘think about shit’.  Take a walk to ‘stop thinking about shit’.  Thinking about shit never really got anyone anywhere much anyway.  Mostly doing is the shit that helps.

“Yeah, but I just can’t make my body get up out of bed.”   Well, who the fuck is going to do it if not you!?  Just make your body get up and get doing stuff.  It WILL get easier.

“You don’t understand me:(“  Of course I understand you.  You are depressed!  It has been proven over and over and over AND OVER that medications do NOT fix it.  You are stoned on the meds and you don’t fucking care but it is not fixing anything. Sorry to beat this to death but they are not working, OK?!

So, set something up so that next time you get depressed, and you have to get out of your head, all is ready.  Do something that takes all of your attention.  You may have to use a great amount of force to get yourself going the first times but it will get easier.  Paint, write, take up woodworking.  Go shovel the snow.  Garden.  Clean.  Do something physical.

There are a number of famous historical figures that suffered depression and here are some of the things they did/used to handle it:

Franz Kafka(Author): writing, swimming, hiking.

Georgia O’Keeffe: travel; getting away from toxic people

Abraham Lincoln: humour and telling humorous stories; having a purpose to help.

Winston Churchill: painting, writing and a complete, unshakable will to persist no matter what.

There are tons more if you look.  But by and large these and others funnelled their depression and used it somehow to better things.  Instead of being victims.  I’m very happy that Churchill didn’t have the availability of meds.  Otherwise we all may have been doing the goose step and saying ‘Heil Hitler’.

How many Winston Churchill’s and Curt Cobain’s have been destroyed by these drugs in the last half century.  What discoveries; what artistic creations would exist without these drugs.

Do something.  Stop fucking thinking!

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