How Do I Know When I’m Depressed?

Years ago when I first saw the symptoms of ADHD I honestly thought it was somebody pranking me. Then I found it was no fucking joke!

These were the symptoms of ADH and ADHD:

Trouble paying attention
Trouble sitting still(fidgiting, etc.)
Acting before thinking
Talk too loud
Laugh too loud
Self focused behaviour
Emotional turmoil
Unfinished tasks

The list goes on but I’m going to strangle the stranger sitting next to me if I have to continue forwarding this crap!  So, per this list pretty much every 6-8 year old in the fucking world should be on some sort of medication.  Wow! Someone would make a lot of fucking money…duh!  I could also go on about allergies and poor parenting, sugar and TV but sometimes the kid is just a fucking 8 year old!  Help him figure out shit.  Let him fucking daydream.  Life is made out of dreams!

Anyway, this article isn’t really about that, it is about depression and knowing when you are depressed. Well, lo and behold, someone wants you on drugs as well.  There is NOT something wrong with you!

OK, here are some of the symptoms:

Feeling lifeless
Impending doom
Feeling empty
Feeling that nothing will ever change
Loss of interest in daily activities
Sleep changes
Anger or irritability
Loss of energy
Concentration problems
Unexplained aches and pains

Well, again, per this list half the population of the world should be on drugs.  To me, this is a ridiculous jump in logic.  It is on the same realm of 2+2=5.  Or A=B and C=D so A must = D.  Someone just jumped to the other side of the chasm and said we are on the same side.

So the psychiatric asshole or doctor says “You have a chemical imbalance in your brain.”  “I’m going to give you a drug that has side effects that are worse than the shit you are experiencing.”  

Someone help me out here.  I’ve read all kinds of shit on this stuff and I can’t for the love of Mike, understand how someone could ask a bunch of questions and arrive at the conclusion that the person should be taking drugs.  Seriously, help me out! There is a fucking huge gap in logic.  

So, now that you have been to the headshrinker – sorry(not really), but I love that term – it actually describes what happens to your brain on these drugs.  He or she tells you that there is something wrong with you that is so permanent that you are likely going to be on drugs for the rest of your life.

Here is a secret: If you take a placebo(sugar pill) instead of the drugs, per statistics and studies and all that shit, your chances of getting better are VERY much higher than if you are taking the anti depressant drugs that pharmaceutical companies dish out like candy.

Just about everyone in the world goes through the symptoms above.  Lose a boyfriend or girlfriend, a husband or wife through divorce or death.  Lose a child.  Fail a really important exam! There are a million things that can mess with your feelings, moods and your life in general.  It IS called LIFE!  

Please don’t let the assholes control you.  Take charge of your life.  There is nothing wrong with you that living life cannot fix.  Figure shit out.

Do stuff.  
Play catch.
Focus on something for too long.
Outrun the bad moods
Help someone that is having trouble
Feed the poor
Take some old clothes to Salvation Army
Do stuff(did I say that already)

There is nothing wrong with you!

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