Do you want your kids on speed?

Would you let your kid’s school teacher rave to your child about the benefits of crack cocaine and heavily market how wonderful the drug is and how much it could improve your children’s lives?  Would you allow some street kid to do a seminar on how wonderful amphetamines are for your kids; how these drugs would increase your child’s school performance, etc?

I think not!

This from(

“Amphetamines are drugs. They can be legal or illegal. They are legal when they are prescribed by a doctor…”

So, does that mean they are illegal when not prescribed by a doctor.  I think that is pretty much the case but if you look through just about any women’s magazine or something like Cosmo, you find, in the USA, the companies that make the amphetamines, marketing directly to the consumer.  Kinda skipped a step didn’t they?

And television…!!  There is no other fucking country in the world beside the United States that allows pharmaceutical companies to advertise directly to consumers on Television. (Well, actually one other country besides the US of fucking A – it’s New Zealand – but no one really knows where that is anyway!)

Did you know that clinical research for non-prescription medicine is rarely made public SO the advertisers can fucking lie all they want about these products.  And do.

Per (don’t know where they get their numbers but they are likely conservative.),  57 fucking % of the stuff the pharmaceutical companies say in these ads are out and out lies – that’s on the over the counter stuff.  Like I said, they don’t have to tell the truth.  

These assholes(Big Pharma) have to be more careful with prescription stuff because the data has to be public.  But even then, how they say stuff is pretty appalling.

So, people have been conned by doctors and psychiatrists over the years, believing that these psychiatrists know what they are talking about.  The pharmaceutical companies know what they are saying – they know for sure that they are lying.  They can justify things, saying that they are in the letter of the law.  BUT…

Combine this shit with the fact that most doctors in the US of fucking A only have 15 minutes( to see a patient and determine what the fuck is wrong with them. The patient comes in claiming that they need a specific drug that they have heard about in Cosmopolitan Magazine or some TV ad, so the doctor, very often, prescribes without finding out what is actually wrong with the patient – if anything! Remember he has only 15 minutes to figure shit out.

Estimates are that Big Pharma spends over $5 billion a year on advertising.  Some references state that they spend more on advertising then they do on R&D.

$5.2 Billion annually!!

Per …the amount spent annually on cosmetics/perfumes etc is about $18.7 Billion(2016 – approximate).

I know people personally that spend nothing on advertising because their product/service is of such high quality that they get 100% referrals.  And they can charge big bucks for said service.  Big Pharma needs fucking laws to stop people from bringing lawsuits to bear because they screw up so much. They don’t have to be accountable! Go figure!

I’m still searching for more recent figures on this but in 2006 Big Pharma spent $3.4 Billion on product placement for Television and movies.

The really strange thing is that I cannot find data as to what they spend more recently.  If you read some of the articles that talk about this subject from 2007, there are all sorts of dire warnings to and about Big Pharma. The reason being that in that type of venue(TV/Movies) they have no need to list out all the side effects, etc.  For them it is pretty cheap celebrity advertising.  So, maybe they listened and are being careful on how they do the placements.

If anyone reading this cares to, and finds out any more information on this let me know or leave in the comments…

So, what to make of all this bullshit?  What the fuck are they trying to hide?  Why do these pharmaceutical companies have to spend so much money marketing?   (Maybe because their products don’t really work!)

Stay away from TV! Please!

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