12 Reasons to Legalize Marijuana

12 Reasons Marijuana is Good for you

  1. “Marijuana keeps you calm”: Pot actually makes you care much less about things in general.  Apathy is quite different from calmness.  If you want to be calm try magnesium. 
  2. “Marijuana helps people deal with negative emotions”: Just remember those negative emotions are not really gone. Get stoned, they will still be there, buried.  When the high wears off those negative emotions may even be worse.  You will have to continue to use pot more and more.  That’s how the shit works.But that is OK – more tax money for us(the Government).
  3. “Driving drunk is significantly more dangerous than driving high”: Science is still out on this one. Drunk or stoned, either way, you die.
  4. “Marijuana makes you more creative”:  That is an interesting one.  I’ve interview people that stopped doing drugs – including marijuana. They compared what they created when stoned and when not stoned.  One for one there material was of a higher calibre when not doing pot regularly. This is not a scientific study.  But because marijuana messes with your recall – short and long term memory, it will limit one.  All ‘create’ comes from you not drugs, food, starvation or anything else.  
  5. “Marijuana is more of a gateway drug than alcohol”: Statistically, in areas that marijuana use had been reduced in Ontario, Canada, crime has gone down.  Marijuana use has been illegal for some time and alcohol legal, so it is a bit of comparing apples to oranges.  Do we want another legal drug out there destroying people’s lives?
  6. Teens that drink have healthier brain tissue that those that smoke pot.” I could not find any research or evidence on this one but do you want your brain fried either way?
  7. “Synthetic marijuana is more dangerous than the ‘real’ thing”:  There may be some truth to this one.  But that is kinda like saying Hemlock(another herb that is a poison) is more dangerous than pot.  There are lots of things more dangerous.  A kid on pharmaceuticals with a gun in a school is more dangerous but these facts don’t make marijuana not dangerous. 
  8. “Marijuana helps with diseases such as arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, Parkinson’ Disease and cancer”: CBD, a component of marijuana will help quite well on its own.  One does not need to get stoned.  If you can dig through all the opinions that you find on the internet, you will find that you can have benefits of the healing properties of CBD without the general hammering of the immune system that marijuana creates. Pretty easy to find evidence on this one – that marijuana suppresses the immune system.  Wait a minute, isn’t it being promoted as something that heals?  Oops!
  9. “Marijuana helps reduce the risk of suicide”: Who makes this shit up?  Check this site: http://www.poppot.org/2017/03/09/marijuana-increases-suicide-risk/ 
  10. “Some people smoke marijuana as a means of spiritual enlightenment”: the problem here is that no one has ever gotten there using drugs.  Many societies in the past have used drugs of different sorts in spiritual ceremonies.  The drugs, whether it be a hallucinogenic like marijuana or something else, just act like a big stir stick and stir up your memories at random and often can stick them pretty solidly ending up making you a little more neurotic afterwards.   
  11. “Marijuana is legal”:  Marijuana doesn’t care if it is legal or not.  It will still fuck up your life.  Marijuana is fat a fat soluble drug.  It stays in your blood system for 90 days.  So it has lots of time to get absorbed by the fat cells that surround your veins and arteries.  Once in the fat cells, it stays there for the rest of your life.  And the organ with the most fat: The Brain.  So, it is legal – Marijuana doesn’t care.
  12. “Marijuana is harmless”:  Who told you that? Your dealer?  Your stoned friends.  Your dealer is in it for the money.  Just like the government and pretty much every other group that is promoting its legalization.  Remember the terms that one uses for the immediate effects of pot: wasted, stoned, zonked, bombed, doped, spaced, spaced out, to name a few.  And you think that is somehow making you a better human being?  No, it just makes you stoned.  Downhill from there. If you want to be stoned or fucked up then just say so.  Stop justifying it. 

It is a known fact that smoking or getting pot into your system in any way will alter your perceptions and play with and mix up your memories.  As a result someone that has been smoking pot for some time is not really going to evaluate properly or be logical.  And there is a cumulative effect in the system.  This can be readily seen in some of the websites and remarks defending the use of marijuana.  Put the comments of pot smokers beside actual scientific studies and the pot smokers will lose every time.

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