How Do I Know When I’m Depressed?

Years ago when I first saw the symptoms of ADHD I honestly thought it was somebody pranking me. Then I found it was no fucking joke!

These were the symptoms of ADH and ADHD:

Trouble paying attention
Trouble sitting still(fidgiting, etc.)
Acting before thinking
Talk too loud
Laugh too loud
Self focused behaviour
Emotional turmoil
Unfinished tasks

The list goes on but I’m going to strangle the stranger sitting next to me if I have to continue forwarding this crap!  So, per this list pretty much every 6-8 year old in the fucking world should be on some sort of medication.  Wow! Someone would make a lot of fucking money…duh!  I could also go on about allergies and poor parenting, sugar and TV but sometimes the kid is just a fucking 8 year old!  Help him figure out shit.  Let him fucking daydream.  Life is made out of dreams!

Anyway, this article isn’t really about that, it is about depression and knowing when you are depressed. Well, lo and behold, someone wants you on drugs as well.  There is NOT something wrong with you!

OK, here are some of the symptoms:

Feeling lifeless
Impending doom
Feeling empty
Feeling that nothing will ever change
Loss of interest in daily activities
Sleep changes
Anger or irritability
Loss of energy
Concentration problems
Unexplained aches and pains

Well, again, per this list half the population of the world should be on drugs.  To me, this is a ridiculous jump in logic.  It is on the same realm of 2+2=5.  Or A=B and C=D so A must = D.  Someone just jumped to the other side of the chasm and said we are on the same side.

So the psychiatric asshole or doctor says “You have a chemical imbalance in your brain.”  “I’m going to give you a drug that has side effects that are worse than the shit you are experiencing.”  

Someone help me out here.  I’ve read all kinds of shit on this stuff and I can’t for the love of Mike, understand how someone could ask a bunch of questions and arrive at the conclusion that the person should be taking drugs.  Seriously, help me out! There is a fucking huge gap in logic.  

So, now that you have been to the headshrinker – sorry(not really), but I love that term – it actually describes what happens to your brain on these drugs.  He or she tells you that there is something wrong with you that is so permanent that you are likely going to be on drugs for the rest of your life.

Here is a secret: If you take a placebo(sugar pill) instead of the drugs, per statistics and studies and all that shit, your chances of getting better are VERY much higher than if you are taking the anti depressant drugs that pharmaceutical companies dish out like candy.

Just about everyone in the world goes through the symptoms above.  Lose a boyfriend or girlfriend, a husband or wife through divorce or death.  Lose a child.  Fail a really important exam! There are a million things that can mess with your feelings, moods and your life in general.  It IS called LIFE!  

Please don’t let the assholes control you.  Take charge of your life.  There is nothing wrong with you that living life cannot fix.  Figure shit out.

Do stuff.  
Play catch.
Focus on something for too long.
Outrun the bad moods
Help someone that is having trouble
Feed the poor
Take some old clothes to Salvation Army
Do stuff(did I say that already)

There is nothing wrong with you!


You Can Control Depression!

You can control your thoughts.  But not on drugs.

How come some people think they can’t train the brain?  You work out right?  First time you worked out, it was hard. The next day your muscles hurt.  If you were trying to do push-ups or to run a certain distance, likely the first time out you were not able to do you ultimate goal.

Anyone that has gotten in shape from not being in shape whether easy or late in life knows that it takes time.  You build up the muscles gradually.

You ever learned a new skill?  Try touch typing 80 words a minute first time out with no mistakes.  Not going to happen.

“Hey Doc, I tried typing and can’t get it; do you have a drug I can take to help me?”  What the fuck would you think if I went to the doctor with that question?  Most people frown on others that take steroids for muscle enhancement but they’ll run to the doctor or psychiatrist for some drug to alter their brain chemistry.

First of all, these guys(psychiatrists and doctors) don’t know shit, OK?

Secondly, you can train your brain.  But not on drugs.  Try driving stoned or drunk.  You may think you are doing OK but if someone videoed the event, well, if you don’t already know, you would find out that you are full of shit.

So, how do you train your brain.  I don’t have all the answers but there are some really simple things.  And remember!! You may not get it right or perfect the first time or second time. That doesn’t mean it is not working.  Generally, if you practice at something you will get better.

If you don’t want to improve and would rather stay stoned then stop fucking reading this.  If all you want is sympathy and pity then keep on banging your head against the wall.

The thoughts that are messing with you are in your head.  Get out of your head!   Look around. Take a walk and look at shit.  Don’t take a walk to ‘think about shit’.  Take a walk to ‘stop thinking about shit’.  Thinking about shit never really got anyone anywhere much anyway.  Mostly doing is the shit that helps.

“Yeah, but I just can’t make my body get up out of bed.”   Well, who the fuck is going to do it if not you!?  Just make your body get up and get doing stuff.  It WILL get easier.

“You don’t understand me:(“  Of course I understand you.  You are depressed!  It has been proven over and over and over AND OVER that medications do NOT fix it.  You are stoned on the meds and you don’t fucking care but it is not fixing anything. Sorry to beat this to death but they are not working, OK?!

So, set something up so that next time you get depressed, and you have to get out of your head, all is ready.  Do something that takes all of your attention.  You may have to use a great amount of force to get yourself going the first times but it will get easier.  Paint, write, take up woodworking.  Go shovel the snow.  Garden.  Clean.  Do something physical.

There are a number of famous historical figures that suffered depression and here are some of the things they did/used to handle it:

Franz Kafka(Author): writing, swimming, hiking.

Georgia O’Keeffe: travel; getting away from toxic people

Abraham Lincoln: humour and telling humorous stories; having a purpose to help.

Winston Churchill: painting, writing and a complete, unshakable will to persist no matter what.

There are tons more if you look.  But by and large these and others funnelled their depression and used it somehow to better things.  Instead of being victims.  I’m very happy that Churchill didn’t have the availability of meds.  Otherwise we all may have been doing the goose step and saying ‘Heil Hitler’.

How many Winston Churchill’s and Curt Cobain’s have been destroyed by these drugs in the last half century.  What discoveries; what artistic creations would exist without these drugs.

Do something.  Stop fucking thinking!

Am I Really Depressed?

Well, Am I Depressed?

When someone tells me the first time that they are on some sort of psych meds for depression or anxiety or some such, my first reaction is ‘What the fuck?! Why?!”

Honestly, I really try and keep that reaction to myself.  Most people would likely take it too personally and end up taking another pill.  I guess I don’t really understand this readiness to immediately trust doctors to have your best interests at heart or even worse, trust the Pharmaceutical Industry’s advertising.  I mean ,they apply some of the most aggressive marketing but I’m pretty sure no-one ever really listens to the side effects listed at the end of these ads.

I believe that maybe this all goes back to our fucked up education system where students aren’t asked to actually evaluate if things are true or not.  The whole idea is to just to pass an exam.  That’s what teachers are paid for.  Not so much, “Can your student think?” 

There is no kind of “Hey, does what I”m telling you make sense?”  So, you graduate high school or college or if you are really messed up then you may be able to keep going through University – lord forbid!  So, you have answered all the questions that you have been given the answers to but still don’t know how to figure shit out.

If you are having some kind of trouble in life and you go to the doctor or psychologist or psychiatrist or any such fool, and they tell you to or suggest that you take some drug such as Ativan or Prozac or any other mind altering or mood altering drug, well, please, please PLEASE, ask some fucking questions before taking the drug!  (Not that I think you should take it all!)

Here are a couple of questions you could ask:

  1. Doc, do I have a fucking Ativan deficiency?
  2. How do you know I have a chemical imbalance by just asking me a few  questions?  How do you know that I don’t have a fucking brain tumour?

Remember if you are listening to these idiots they are prescribing drugs that are more dangerous than cocaine or heroin.  Oh yeah, if you don’t believe me read this – they actually have statistics – the article link is below the quote:

“Psychiatric drugs killing more users than heroin, cocaine, say health experts.” from Vancouver Sun: 

Article here: Psychiatric Killers

Then walk out of his or her office and do this:


I mean, find out for yourself!  You can be lazy and create more problems for yourself or you can look and see what is what.  BUT, to do proper research you really have to know how to evaluate information.  That comes with a bit of practice.  It is not that difficult but like anything, you have to start.

Read something then ask yourself if it is true.  Like for you.  Does it work?  Is it real?  Compare it to other things.  OK, ok, I’ll give you an example!

Adelle Davis wrote a number of nutritional books back in the early 60s.  If you are interested in physical and mental health at all, you should dig up at least one of her books and have it handy for reference.  She stated back then the importance of magnesium for handling mental problems.  BUT if you want a more recent reference and one that is more mainstream you can check out this article in Psychology Today:

Article Here:  You likely have a magnesium deficiency not a fucking Prozac

But, even then, make sure that it works for you!  If you are having a bit of depression(or a lot) and you start taking magnesium and you are taking enough and all that, and you start getting worse, well….

Another example is the ‘Fat Free’ bullshit.  I know more people that eat fat free stuff and diet sodas and shit like that and get worse and worse and worse(by that I mean fatter and fatter and fatter).  Come on!!  Figure some shit out, fer fuck’s sake.  If it ain’t workin’, change something!!

You are responsible for you.  You can find people that will help but make sure it is help.  But please observe to see if something is actually making things better and no just hiding symptoms.

So, my advice for today: Go forth and research.

Why Am I Depressed?

I have some pretty moody friends on Facebook.  Some are more acquaintances.  Something that I’ve observed is that younger people tend to wear their emotions on Facebook and other social media more than the older generation.  I’m not positive but I tend to think that it is a combination of just being more emotional and that whole sharing thing that social networks have brought about.  (I do get kinda irritated at the victim, I’m a victim thing, though.)

So, this one friend – and I can’t tell her this shit or she just gets pissed off at me.  She will eat fast food and sodas – these things will really fuck with your metabolism and your moods.  It always staggers me that people don’t kind of observe that, they are doing something in their lives that is not working, well, Change It!

Diet has long been known to affect one’s emotions and moods.  Sugar and chemicals can fuck with your system.   And some foods create allergic reactions.  Some of these allergic reactions are just because you are eating shitty food and your body’s immune system is really screwed up.

A lot of the fast foods that you are eating are actually creating deficiencies.  Occasionally, even when you are eating well, the farming practices – mineral depletion in soils – over the last 80 years have made foods less nourishing.

In her 1965 book ‘Let’s Get Well’, Adelle Davis says regarding magnesium:

“Probably no other single deficiency is so responsible for the widespread use of tranquillizers.”

She has four referenced sources for this data.  Most young people that I talk to have never even heard of Adelle Davis.  To me that means they are not doing their research when something is wrong with their body.

Here is website that talks about some of the things that can manifest with a magnesium deficiency: Why am I depressed?

The pharmaceutical companies with their heavy marketing over the last 30-40 + years have convinced people in general that the only solution to any problem is the drugs they sell.  They have convinced whole populations that there is such a thing as a chemical imbalance in the brain – for which NO test exists.

Here is a good article on this from the Daily Mail in the UK: Anti Depressants

Stop complaining and observe what you are doing in life before you resort to drugs which usually have worse side effects that the thing you are trying to fix.

Here is a list of celebrities that have died as a result of or with the help from psychiatric drugs(this is by no means a complete list):

Heath Ledger

Robin Williams

Amy Winehouse

Adam Goldstein

Anna Nicole Smith

Whitney Houston

Michael Jackson

Mike Starr

Marilyn Monroe

Elvis Presley

Judy Garland

Bruce Lee

Margaux Hemingway

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Chris Cornell


So, take away from this what you will. But please, for fuck’s sake, do your own research before taking these destructive drugs.

Making Mistakes and Getting Depressed

I hear people tell me or express that they are really down when they don’t get something right.  A task they have set out to do or something at a new job.  Whatever.  Generally it is something they have not done before or not done very often.  If you are going to get ‘down’ the first time or first few times you try and fail, then you may end up not being very successful.  Some people even think they committed some kind of travesty by not doing whatever it is correctly – they are bad or something.

Rarely, do I see this as bad intentions.  Probably too many parents scolding their kids for trying to help and screwing up just because they are kids.  So, basically, you are telling your kid they are an asshole for being a kid.

There is that old story about Babe Ruth – got more home runs than anyone else at the time. He also swung out more times than anyone else.  If he hadn’t been swinging, he wouldn’t have been pitched out would he?  And of course he would not have not have become a legend.

A good photographer has likely taken more bad photos than you have taken pictures period.

Edison – the inventor of the lightbulb:

‘Reporter: ”How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?”

Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” ‘

You think Edison didn’t get distraught, disappointed or depressed. So, even if it something like training yourself to not dwell on bad things or thoughts, it may take some practice.  Keep at it.  Did you do it a bit better today than yesterday?  Pretend you are an athlete – first time out you are not going to do a 4 minute mile.  It is all about gradients – working up to it over time.

Don’t make the mistake of training your body and mind to need drugs as a solution.   Once you go that route it gets harder and harder to come back.

Depression: The Art of Manliness Way

Albiet long, this is a great article about depression, clinical depression what it all means.  From someone who has been dealing with depression most of his life and has had people around him with the same problems.  It really helps put expectations in perspective with some background on how others have dealt with severe depression.

The authors, Brett and Kate McKay, give a really comprehensive outline of what it means to be depressed and how to manage one’s depression.  The say it much better than I.