Making Mistakes and Getting Depressed

I hear people tell me or express that they are really down when they don’t get something right.  A task they have set out to do or something at a new job.  Whatever.  Generally it is something they have not done before or not done very often.  If you are going to get ‘down’ the first time or first few times you try and fail, then you may end up not being very successful.  Some people even think they committed some kind of travesty by not doing whatever it is correctly – they are bad or something.

Rarely, do I see this as bad intentions.  Probably too many parents scolding their kids for trying to help and screwing up just because they are kids.  So, basically, you are telling your kid they are an asshole for being a kid.

There is that old story about Babe Ruth – got more home runs than anyone else at the time. He also swung out more times than anyone else.  If he hadn’t been swinging, he wouldn’t have been pitched out would he?  And of course he would not have not have become a legend.

A good photographer has likely taken more bad photos than you have taken pictures period.

Edison – the inventor of the lightbulb:

‘Reporter: ”How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?”

Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” ‘

You think Edison didn’t get distraught, disappointed or depressed. So, even if it something like training yourself to not dwell on bad things or thoughts, it may take some practice.  Keep at it.  Did you do it a bit better today than yesterday?  Pretend you are an athlete – first time out you are not going to do a 4 minute mile.  It is all about gradients – working up to it over time.

Don’t make the mistake of training your body and mind to need drugs as a solution.   Once you go that route it gets harder and harder to come back.

Depression: The Art of Manliness Way

Albiet long, this is a great article about depression, clinical depression what it all means.  From someone who has been dealing with depression most of his life and has had people around him with the same problems.  It really helps put expectations in perspective with some background on how others have dealt with severe depression.

The authors, Brett and Kate McKay, give a really comprehensive outline of what it means to be depressed and how to manage one’s depression.  The say it much better than I.

Marijuana for Anxiety and Depression

CBC Marketplace did a bit of an investigation in to pot.  Marijuana has been marketed heavily in the past number of years to make it look/sound harmless, even good for you.  Most people that smoke dope will not want to watch this or will somehow refuse to accept the facts.  Sucks to be you.  As you will see in this video, much of the marijuana on the market is up to 10 times stronger(from 4% to 40% THC) than it was in the 1960s or early 1970s.  And that is not taking into the account the mitigating factors or CBH – another chemical in dope that has been, in many cases, completely bred out.  Ten times the potency… that is like me having my small glass of wine at night with 10 times the alcohol and not having eaten for three days.  Two or three bottles of wine in an hour…? Whew!  I likely wouldn’t get up.  I know people that take weed for anxiety…refuse to believe that maybe, just maybe,  that weed is a drug.  You have been conned.  

Watch it and weep:

What is the best drug for ADHD?

If you came to this page looking for the answer to that question, you may as well leave now. Really. Piss off.  There isn’t one.  Is that what you want to teach your children?

I was speaking to an acquaintance last weekend.  His ex-wife had custody of the their daughter.  When she was much younger, the daughter was having much difficulty in life.  Mom decided she should be put on Ritalin. Dad freaked, saying, “Is that what you want to teach our daughter?  If you are having trouble in life, use drugs?”  I thought that this was a brilliant and profound response to the situation.  Sad to say that the drugs never worked and mom eventually sent said daughter to live with Dad.  He was happy to have her but now had to deal with a drug problem as well.

So, Is that what you want to teach your kids? If you can’t handle something in life, just do a drug and you won’t have to deal with it!  Ritalin is very similar to cocaine for fuck’s sake!  (  Check that link.  There is lots of evidence of cocaine use being on the rise due to the similarities of the two drugs.  Most people are taken off  Ritalin as they approach adulthood.  To get the same rush or feeling, many resort to cocaine.

So, get your kid hooked on Ritalin or Adderall and get them really ready for a completely drugged out adult life.

Or…You could take the time to teach them how to deal with life’s problems, like people have been doing for thousands and thousand of years.  If you don’t know how to handle stuff yourself, well, tell your child and let them know you will figure it out together. Be careful, though, you may actually have to spend some time with your kid.  

Ritalin is a classic example where the solution to a problem becomes a bigger problem than you had in the first place.

If you disagree with me on any of the stuff I write on this blog, I would love to hear from you. Or you can just discount me as an asshole. And go smoke some dope or something.  That’ll solve it.  I figure more communication, not less, is always the solution.  I’m willing to listen.  Not everything I say always works for everyone in every case.  You likely will never convince me that drugs are good for children in any instance.  But you can try.

Hippocratic Oath and ADHD

I’m going to start with a couple of lines from the Hippocratic Oath.  I’m pretty sure that if you were looking for the devil on Earth and found the field of psychiatry – they would certainly suffice.  Please don’t let that comment put you off – be brave – read on.  Psychiatrists are first trained as doctors.  As such they all are bound by this oath or something similar.  Apparently, some Physician Colleges have slightly different versions.

Here are a couple of lines from a very basic version:

“I will continue with diligence to keep abreast of advances in medicine.”

“I will neither prescribe nor administer a lethal dose of medicine to any patient even if asked nor counsel any such thing…”

We are going to look here, at these points with regard to children. Young boys in particular.

Set aside the volumes of evidence that ADHD is a completely fabricated ‘illness’, we’ll look at what these nut bars list as symptoms of ADHD:

  1. Self-focused behaviour
  2. Emotional Turmoil
  3. Fidgetiness
  4. Unfinished Tasks
  5. Lack of Focus
  6. Mistakes
  7. Daydreams

Fuck me!!  That was the description of an eight year old boy when I was a child or when I had young boys.  He’s a kid for fuck’s sake.  You want an 8 year old to sit still in a class for 6 plus hours!!  He should be running around exploring, burning off that excess energy.  Part of the problem is that both parents are working full time – no patience with the child when they get home from a very long day at work.

Lack of Focus  – I’ve seen any number of young boys that have this problem that once they find something that they are interested in, you can’t tear them away.  Oh yeah, but if that 8-9 year old got all interested in something and really focused, the psychiatrist would probably tell you that he is now guilty of Self-Focused Behaviour! Scumbags!

Emotional Turmoil – Screaming parents, TV, too much sugar  – of course he’s going around upset.  Sweet Jesus!  Get the parents to calm down, spend time with the kids instead of plunking them in front of the TV with some junk food, and maybe, just maybe the kid would calm down!

I digress.  The point of this was to show how psychiatrists are consistently violating the above points of the Hippocratic Oath.  

I think you will find, if you care to ask or look, that most doctors and psychiatrists do not educate themselves on the drugs they prescribe.  This is a fairly well known fact.  Most are limited in the time they are allowed to spend with a patient.  Because they don’t fully educate themselves(the first point regarding the Oath above), they cannot fully know the dangers of what they are prescribing.  Many of the drugs they are giving to patients have side effects that are much more dangerous than the alleged illness.  Most of these assholes will put the responsibility back on the pharmaceutical industry – some kind of idea that they wouldn’t let a harmful drug onto the market.  It is hard to believe that they know what they are giving to their patients.

It is beyond me that most people won’t question the shit that psychs hand out. Tell your 8 year old “don’t do drugs” and then turn around and give him an amphetamine(Ritalin) – oh, you didn’t know that you giving your kid an addictive amphetamine?  Well, wake up!

And I’m sorry, but if a psychiatrist knowingly gives an 8 year old Ritalin, knowing the side effects; if he or she has done any research at all, has done any simple observation, and still prescribes this to young children – well, they are just fucking evil!!

So, as far as I’m concerned every time these idiots hand out a Ritalin pill to some innocent kid who is just trying to figure shit out, then jail is just too good a place for them.