Environmental Social Triggers – Words

I did a search on the title of this blog post.  The crap that came up.  What a load of garbage.  You’d think the human race would have died out before it started.

I could fucking cry.  The way these articles go nobody stands a chance. Go live in a fuckin’ bubble.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like people.  I love people.  And I try to be understanding but I don’t dwell on things.

There is this guy.  He is a cross dresser and I think he is working on converting to a woman.  I really could care less about that.  He is a hard worker – very responsible at this place of work and a very personable human being.  But because he is in-between does not want to be called a he or a she but a ‘them’.  I’ve had this conversation with others and they think I should respect the desire of the person wanting to be called what they want.  OK, fine but it’s just fuckin’ words!  Odds are, at my age, I’m not going to change in a hurry.  And I’m not going to ‘be careful’ all the time.

I put in on the same plane as this: Years ago in Oregon, I think it is still going on, there are a bunch of places with the word ‘Squaw’ in them.  Squaw Creek.  They have been changing the names because this word apparently upsets some people.

And then there is the teacher who read a book (literature) to his students and one pushed him in the mouth when he read the word “niggardly’.  (Niggardly means miserly – has nothing to do with the ’N’ word.)  Illiterate idiot.   Anyway, they are just words for fucks sake!  Even if it was a reference to the ‘other’ word, and he was just reading a book, he wasn’t being disrespectful.

So, back to my cross dressing friend: If I say ‘he’ about this friend or ‘them’ or whatever, as long as I am respectful of him as a being, a person, then all should be good.  I said ‘Hi buddy’ once to him.  This was upsetting.  I might say ‘hey buddy’ to a girl. So fuck off again!  I love the guy.  He is a really good person.  I would have him as a friend any day but don’t try and change me and I won’t try and change you.

I met this woman years ago in Seattle at a trade show – I think it was the Women’s Show there.  She was a motivational speaker.  I couldn’t stand her.  She wouldn’t let her children use certain words in speaking as she said they had negativity.  That they would affect them adversely.  Bullshit!  You can’t go along in life second guessing yourself, worrying constantly if what you are saying is going to offend someone.  People are going to say shit and it may not be to your liking.  That doesn’t mean that they are a bad person.  It doesn’t mean you are a bad person.  It’s just fuckin’ words.  Words are NOT the thing.  Is the person that you are talking to a decent person – do they do good?  If generally, they do more good than harm then get over it.  Words are NOT the thing.

So, bottom line: If the intention of someone’s communication is decent and good and you don’t come away feeling slimed, then leave it alone.  If you come away from that person constantly feeling slimed, then just don’t fucking deal with them anymore.