Depression in Teens

I”m in no way trying to convince you that people do not sometimes have real problems.  Of course! We all do! We are on a really fucked up planet for pete’s sake.  I’ve had a few friends that were a bit put off by a couple of my articles until they realized that we were all, really, on the same page.  I think they were thinking that I was attacking them when the real focus of my ire is Big Pharma!

My biggest problem is the use of drugs as a fix for depression or anxiety.  As I said before, emotions are not bad things.  Something happens, like losing someone close, one has to come up through the emotions.  And you will.  Someone dying on you that you are really close to, for example, can really fuck you up.  My mom died and I was messed up for ages.  But  drugs tend to fix you in that emotion and not allow you to move through the necessary emotions to get better.  That is not healthy at all.

I’ve had people tell me they have used anything from exercise to different types of breathing to changing diet to get a handle on their depression symptoms.  When was the last time you went for a fucking walk?  Oh, yeah, but the doctor isn’t going to tell you that – no money there. In fact, going for a 20-30 minute walk every day will probably handle most of your physical as well as your mental ailments.  You will sleep better as well.

I’ve been depressed in life.  I’ve had other ‘unwanted’ emotions.  They pass.  Eventually.  A friend of mine split up from her husband.  He was screwing around on her.  He was troubled(no shit sherlock!) and the doctor recommended some mood altering drug or other.  He and his buddies are all telling her to take something, which she refuses to do.  Thank fucking god!  She figures that she will get through it and like me, that emotions are not bad things.

To me it is kinda like if you were afraid when some animal is attacking you and instead of using that fear to fight or run, you take a drug so you are not afraid.  Doesn’t make much sense does it?  You would more than likely end up dead.  Apathy, depression, grief, fear, anxiety, anger, boredom even happiness – they are not bad things.  We all move through them from time to time.  You do have a choice.  You can go for a walk or try some natural way to fix it – almost no one has died from trying that.  Or, you can try the drug route.  Death from drugs in every increasing and is more now that deaths caused by firearms or car accidents!  And! … you are then trusting a profession that causes 440,000 deaths per year due to ‘accidents’!  They actually cause these deaths.  So, who ya gonna trust?!

So, for my money, if my teen is depressed or has anxiety, I’m not putting my money on an industry(Psychiatric/Pharmaceutical) that kills people.  Psychiatry is not your friend.

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