Death by Doctors – Death by Psychiatry

I don’t understand something. Well, I don’t understand a lot of things.  But one of the things I really don’t understand is how and why people take what doctors tell them at face value.

If one follows sports, which I don’t really – but if one did, one would follow the stats, the numbers.  If you have someone on the team and when he is playing – say hockey for example – when this player is on the ice, the other team is constantly scoring against his team – well, he is not going to be playing for long.  If the coaches and owners don’t give him the boot then the other team members will do something to get rid of him.

If you are an investor and you invested money with a certain person or company ten times and you lost 80% of your money, how many more times would you invest with them?  I’m guessing that you would run away, not walk.

There is a special term that a lot of people are unaware of:

“Iatrogenic”: Iatrogenic Disease is defined as a disease that is caused by medical treatment.

So, there is a special word coined for the diseases and deaths caused by the medical profession!  (And I use the word profession very loosely!)

Per the US Bureau of Justice Statistics there were 11,101 gun murders in the United States in 2011.  (Decreased 39% from 1993.)  The deaths per year caused by the medical profession is somewhere between 230,000 and 284,000 per year in the USA.  (Hard to get an exact count but in that range.)

What the fuck!!!  That is more than 20 times the volume of deaths!!  That is fucking people dying.

People scream bloody blue murder all over the media about guns and that is nothing compared to the deaths caused by a profession that people believe is benign.

The website says that the number of deaths from pharmaceutical drugs in 2010 was 38,329. This, by itself is more than THREE TIMES the number of gun deaths for the same time period.  For the love of Mike, where is the outrage in the media??  Maybe because Big Pharma pays for all the fucking ads?!?! Duh!

So, my take on this – taking pharmaceutical drugs is like playing Russian Roulette* with a semi-automatic pistol.  The chances of your child living from playing with guns is three times a likely as living from giving them Ritalin or some other mood altering drug.

(*Russian Roulette – a ‘game’ played with a revolver where you put one bullet in and spin the chamber.  Put the gun to your head and pull the trigger.  You have one in six chances of dying.)

Taking pharmaceutical drugs or giving them to your child is like putting two or three bullets in the gun.  

I’m not making this shit up.  The stats I’m quoting are real.  The are by and large, government collected stats.

And here is a statistic that should really messing with your head: (from:

“In 2014, 9,967 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes…”

So, again, there were 38,329 deaths caused by legal, prescribed pharmaceutical drugs.  Your chances are way better driving drunk than they are taking any of these drugs prescribed by psychiatry.  (These numbers are not exact from year to year but they are fucking way to close.)

Per there have been no recorded deaths by vitamins.  And Big Pharma wants vitamins regulated but hands fucking Zoloft out like candy!

Fuck them!

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